AROMAplus From plant-based raw materials to microbiological production – Aroma and functional compounds from vines and fruit

The use of flavors and functional compounds, such as fragrances and vitamins, is constantly increasing, not only in the food industry. The raw materials are usually of plant origin. Biotechnological methods with enzymes and microorganisms are becoming increasingly important for the creation of future, sustainable production methods. Possibilities here are on the one hand adapting preliminary stages, often from the metabolism of plants, and on the other hand de novo synthesis by microorganisms, such as yeasts, fungi and bacteria. However, little is known about the regulation and influence of these biosynthetic pathways in the context of production using these microorganisms. One of the goals of the LOEWE research project AROMAplus is to gain knowledge about the control of these pathways of microorganisms. Furthermore, the processing of grapevines and black currants and their by-products are the central biological basis for the generation of new value-added possibilities.

LOEWE Research Cluster


  • University of Geisenheim (Federführung)
  • Justus-Liebig-University Gießen
  • DECHEMA-Forschungsinstitut, Frankfurt am Main

  • Fields of study

    • Microbiology
    • Biotechnology
    • Food chemistry
    • Viticulture and oenology
    • Horticulture

    Funding period

    since 2018

    Project Coordinator

    • Dr. Christian von Wallbrunn,
      University of Geisenheim


    • Frankfurt am Main
    • Geisenheim
    • Gießen

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