The first issue of ProLOEWE-NEWS 2024 is here! Topics include: Protecting biodiversity, women in science, AI research, and the ProLOEWE faces with Prof Sandra Ciesek

The first ProLOEWE NEWS of the year is here and with it many new and highly topical issues from the world of excellent research. For example, the scientists from the LOEWE Cluster Nature 4.0 report that they have been working on solutions for automated biodiversity monitoring as part of their funding programme, demonstrating that knowledge can also be very practical: Their (measuring) instruments consist of commercially available electronic parts and can be easily replicated. The LOEWE Centre emergenCITY, on the other hand, has taken up the promotion of women as a major topic and reports on how this can be achieved in science at all career levels. The LOEWE Cluster TRIO is a new addition. ProLOEWE-NEWS provides an initial insight into the planned work of the scientists and LOEWE-WhiteBox reports on current research findings on the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and human decision-making.

Recently awarded the Federal Cross of Merit and now in an interview with ProLOEWE faces is Professor Dr Sandra Ciesek, who has a dual connection to the LOEWE programme, firstly as co-spokesperson of LOEWE-CoroPan and as LOEWE top professor.

Last but not least, you will also find announcements of upcoming dates and events and the call to vote for the LOEWE-TBG "International Mollusc of the Year 2024", which will open on 13 March 2024.