LOEWE Centre DRUID Of bacteria, viruses and parasites

The global importance of poverty-related and neglected tropical diseases, such as dengue fever, Ebola and Zika virus infections, but also leishmaniasis and schistosomiasis, is increasingly being recognized. More than a billion people in 149 countries around the world suffer from Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs). NTDs can take highly acute, life-threatening forms, but often also lead to serious chronic diseases. Fighting them is a medical and humanitarian necessity and makes a decisive contribution to breaking the cycle of poverty. In addition, there are too few effective drugs for most NTDs, a situation that is exacerbated by side effects and the development of resistance. In the LOEWE Centre DRUID (Novel Drug Targets against Poverty-related and Neglected Tropical Infectious Diseases), urgent questions regarding the identification and characterization of potential target molecules for the development of active substances and diagnostics against (neglected) tropical infectious diseases are addressed. 

LOEWE DRUID riddle: 

Design a pathogen of your choice that has the perfect properties to be successful as a bacterium, virus or parasite. 

Have fun & good luck with the solution!