SMolBits Scalable molecular quantum bits

Quantum computers promise to solve previously unsolvable problems with conventional computers. Leading global companies in this field are putting a lot of effort into achieving this goal, although the concepts currently used are very limited. The LOEWE focus  “Scalable molecular quantum bits (SMolBits)” investigates a new concept in which single molecules are  used as information units (quantum bits) to implement a scalable quantum computer. For this purpose, a technology platform based on a photonics chip should be realized on which individual molecules are linked to each other via light. This serves as the basis for scalable quantum processors that would be far superior to conventional binary computer systems. In order to achieve these goals, a seven-member consortium of different disciplines (chemistry, physics, electrical engineering)  of the Center for Interdisciplinary Nanostructure  Science and Technology (CINSaT) has joined Forces.

LOEWE Research Cluster


  • University of Kassel

Fields of study

  • theoretical physics
  • technological physics
  • chemistry
  • experimental physics and electrical engineering

Funding period


Project Coordinator

  • Professor Dr Johann Peter Reithmaier, University of Kassel


  • Kassel

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