OSF Oncogenic Signaling Frankfurt

The LOEWE research cluster OSF is studying basic issues relating to cancer research. What mechanisms at cell level lead to tumour formation? What happens to cause another tumour to be formed from an individual cell, for example, following therapy or during the spread of metastases? How do tumour cells affect the functions of normal cells in the immediate environment? The focus is on research into mechanisms of disrupted signalling in cancer cells. The aim is to open up new avenues for the successful treatment of tumours by gaining a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms. Can the genetics of new tumour suppressors be identified through innovative procedures? Can therapeutic agents be found that have an effect on the molecular developmental mechanisms? Since 2012, the researchers in the LOEWE research cluster OSF have been active partners in the German Consortium for Translational Cancer Research (DKTK), which was founded in 2011 as one of the German centres for health research lead-managed by the German Cancer Research Centre (DKFZ) in Heidelberg.

LOEWE Research Cluster


  • Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main
  • Georg-Speyer-Haus, Frankfurt am Main
  • Justus Liebig University Giessen

Fields of study

  • Medicine
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Pharmacology
  • Biochemistry

Funding period

2010 to 2013

Project Coordinator

  • Prof. Dr. Hubert Serve,
    Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main


  • Frankfurt am Main

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