Digital Humanities Hessen Integrated processing and analysis of text-based corpora

How can information technology be used meaningfully and expediently for research in the humanities? In numerous sub-projects the researchers in the LOEWE research cluster Digital Humanities Hessen have explored the possibilities afforded by information technology and have further developed specific methodologies. For example, a special camera can detect hidden text, while manuscript stemmas drawn up with the aid of computer programs further investigations into the transmission history of ancient texts and help to reconstruct versions that are as close as possible to the originals. With its base in the LOEWE research cluster, this relatively young field of research has been successfully established in the Rhine-Main Region: in December 2014 the BMBF-funded Centre for the Digital Foundation of Research in the Humanities, Social, and Educational Sciences (CEDIFOR) began work. The service facility provides infrastructure and expertise for researchers in the humanities and social sciences in the Rhine-Main Region, who are thus able to carry out their own research Projects.

LOEWE Research Cluster


  • Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main
  • Technische Universität Darmstadt
  • Freies Deutsches Hochstift/Frankfurter Goethe-Museum (until 2014)
  • German Institute for International Educational Research (DIPF), Frankfurt am Main (since 2014)

Fields of study

  • Linguistics
  • Literature
  • History
  • Informatics

Funding period

LOEWE Research Cluster 2011 to 2014 & CEDIFOR BMBF funding since december 2014

Project Coordinator

  • Prof. Dr. Jost Gippert,
    Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main


  • Darmstadt
  • Frankfurt am Main

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