LOEWE Research Cluster WhiteBox Measuring the human response time

Measurement of human reaction time A paradigm shift in AI has been taking place for several years: Instead of manually coding all steps of knowledge processing, the ability to learn is programmed into the machines. The LOEWE research cluster "WhiteBox - Explainable Models for Human and Artificial Intelligence" uses cognitive explanations to develop white box models through which intelligent behavior learned by the AI can be understood despite the large amount of data and can be explained from the outset. 

LOEWE WhiteBox Riddle: 

How long is a person's reaction time

Response time measurement task: 

Set up a human chain with a few people. The first person nudges or taps the next person, who, upon noticing it, nudges the next one again, etc. Repeat the 'stimulus' at least 10 times. Measures the time for the whole pass (10 or more passes). Calculates how long the transfer takes on average for one person. Do 3 passes. Write down the numbers for each (total time, number of passes, average response time per person). 

Because of Corona, please remember to protect yourself either with masks or sufficient distance, even if you carry out the experiment outside. Think about how you can get 10 passes or more when you are fewer people. And how you can bridge the Corona safety distance between you. 

Haven fun & good luck with the solution!