LOEWE Research Cluster IDG Shaping Future Mobility

Society is on the verge of a major change: even today, individuals in big cities are less and less dependent on their own vehicles, is society's goal? is to expand this trend. The mobile Internet has made a multitude of new, intelligent forms of mobility possible, enabling people to move around economically, comfortably and, above all, in an environmentally friendly way. This is where the LOEWE research cluster "IDG - Infrastructure - Design - Society" comes in, which systematically examines the requirements for the design of this new, networked and multimodal mobility using the example of the Rhine-Main metropolitan area. So what could our mobility look like in the future? Mobility design, the design of buildings, vehicles, information or urban spaces, influences our daily journeys. 

LOEWE IDG riddle: 

What would a street look like where you would like to live and play or through which you would like to walk or drive? Or what could a new, environmentally friendly means of transport look like that is fun? 

Have fun & good luck with the solution!