LOEWE Research Cluster FLAME isolation of lightning strikes

Modern technologies are inconceivable without new materials, which possess improved or completely new properties. In order to contribute to a sustainable future, these materials should also make it possible to reduce the consumption of energy and raw materials. Furthermore, they should be build of environmentally friendly components and be manufactured using environmentally friendly processes. The LOEWE research cluster FLAME uses  previously unused relationships between the electronic structure of a material and its properties in order to produce antiferroelectric materials that do not contain toxic lead, which is required to obtain suitable properties. Such antiferroelectric materials can be used in capacitors in order to build more compact and efficient inverters that are needed, for example, to convert direct current into alternating current in electric vehicles and solar systems. In addition, they can also be used as insulators in high-voltage transmissions or for new cooling systems.

LOEWE FLAME riddle: 

In which area of our model village will lightning strike WITH and WITHOUT a tower and why? 

Have fun & good luck with the solution!