LOEWE Research Cluster CMMS Of rules, patterns and simulations

The LOEWE research cluster CMMS is the "Frankfurt Center for Multiscale Modeling in the Life Sciences", analysis and simulation of biological processes at the FIAS (Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies). The long-term goal of CMMS is a comprehensive understanding of everything from simple molecular biological processes, such as how an enzyme works, to the complex behavior of organisms. Because this is the basis for the adaptation of cell functions for biotechnological use as well as for the development of biomedical, pharmacological and agricultural applications. 


Start on the board or sheet or other checkered surface with a row in which all the squares except the middle one are empty. What pattern emerges? The pattern has a name, find out which one! Make a pattern as large as possible with the starting row from the question or with any starting pattern. 

You can e.g. use a Go-Game like us, working outside in the sand or with stones, with beads on the loom, Lego, or in Minecraft, or whatever you can think of. Be creative! 

Have fun and good luck with the solution!