LOEWE Research Cluster AROMAplus Fermented Foods

The use of aromatic and functional ingredients, such as fragrances and vitamins, is constantly increasing, not only in the food industry. The starting materials are mostly of plant origin. Biotechnological methods with enzymes and microorganisms are becoming increasingly important for the creation of future, sustainable production methods. The aim of the LOEWE research cluster "AROMAplus - from plant raw materials to microbiological production - aroma and functional ingredients from vines and fruit" is to gain knowledge about the control of the synthesis pathways of microorganisms. But also to generate new value-added opportunities as a central biological basis, from vines and blackcurrants or side streams arising from their processing. 

LOEWE AROMAplus riddle: 

Which of the foods shown in the video are produced using fermentation

Have fun & good luck with the solution!