LOEWE Centre FCI Cell division and intestinal renewal

At the LOEWE centre "FCI - Frankfurt Cancer Institute" research is being carried out into new treatment options for people with cancer, e.g. B. also to colon cancer. One reason why the intestine – compared to other organs – is frequently affected by cancer lies in the constantly renewing intestinal mucosa. The body has to control this enormous growth in the intestine very well, because if the division mechanism gets out of control, colon cancer can develop.

LOEWE-FCI riddle:

While the "old" intestinal cells are shed on the inside, new cells form on the underside of the intestine. There is a special and rare type of cell that divides regularly and two new cells are created. While one becomes a new intestinal cell, the other remains... ?

What are these special cells called that ensure that the intestine can constantly renew itself?

Have fun & good luck with the solution!