The summer issue of ProLOEWE NEWS is here, filled with exciting topics and news from the LOEWE projects

Dr. Francesca Magari (cover photo) published with Prof. Dr. Arnold Grünweller and colleagues in June 2023, a study on plant-derived compounds, so-called rocaglates, that specifically and efficiently inhibit the RNA helicase eIF4A, which could be very helpful as this enzyme is required by many viruses and other pathogens for replication. In the cover photo, Magari -postdoc in AG Grünweller- is seen purifying the enzyme. More about the results of the LOEWE-DRUID research can be found in the current ProLOEWE-NEWS.

Also presented are the new LOEWE Cemtre and three new LOEWE research clusters which will be funded for four years starting next year as part of the Hessian research funding program. Dr. Tim Lüddecke from LOEWE-TBG reports on his experiences at the 72nd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings and LOEWE-WhiteBox presents itself at Wissen animiert, a new series by Hessen schafft Wissen.

In the interview at ProLOEWE faces, we introduce you to Professor Dr. Florian R. Greten, speaker of the LOEWE Centre Frankfurt Cancer Institute (FCI) and director of the Georg Speyer Haus in Frankfurt am Main.

Enjoy discovering these and many other topics in the summer issue of ProLOEWE-NEWS!