The ProLOEWE NEWS December 2023 is here! Topics: The fight against neglected tropical diseases, science communication, architecture as well as a highly topical ProLOEWE faces

In the December issue of ProLOEWE-NEWS 2023, you can also expect a wide range of current topics from the LOEWE projects: For three years, the LOEWE focus VeWA (Past warm periods as natural analogues of our "high CO2" climate future) was all about palaeoclimate research. In addition to eleven scientific projects, the sub-project "Science communication and outreach" explicitly focussed on using the example of VeWA research to explain how science "works" and how reliable climate knowledge is created. You can find out how this was achieved in the third ProLOEWE-NEWS 2023, as well as a report on the "Field School Malawi", where Prof. Miklos Balint, co-spokesperson for LOEWE-TBG, trained students in the detection of dangerous pathogens in water between 5 and 25 October 2023. The rapid test developed by LOEWE-DRUID for the diagnosis of leishmaniasis, which is now going into production, shows how basic research can lead directly to application. Further highlights: The opening of the Offenbach Institute for Mobility Design (OIMD), which emerged from LOEWE-IDG and aims to develop innovative methods and strategies for sustainable mobility design. And a look back at the finissage of the LOEWE focus LOEWE-Architekturen des Ordnens, with exhibitions in Frankfurt and Darmstadt.

And last but not least, and highly topical, ProLOEWE-Personal with Professor Elisabeth Hollender, who researches the cultural history of medieval Judaism and its interaction with the surrounding culture at Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main.