The first issue of ProLOEWE-NEWS 2023 is available - and brings a variety of topics from LOEWE projects just in time for Easter.

The cover picture of the hummingbird is not only intended to lure spring out of its winter quarters once and for all: The bird, which is only a few centimetres tall, and its unique hovering flight are also a research topic of LOEWE-TBG. Scientists at the centre, led by Prof. Dr. Michael Hiller, are researching together with international colleagues which evolutionary adaptations of the metabolism might have made the special flying skills of the hummingbird possible. Their study was published in the journal "Science" and you can read about the results in ProLOEWE-NEWS.

The two LOEWE focal points Tree-M and CoroPan, which have been funded since the beginning of 2023, are also presented, as well as a policy paper from LOEWE-emergenCITY on disaster management combined with current recommendations for action. The art historian Prof. Dr. Christiane Salge, deputy speaker of LOEWE-Architectures of Ordering, explains in the ProLOEWE-Personal what influence her research topics have on society.  We wish you many interesting insights into these and other topics in ProLOEWE-NEWS-April 2023.