Making Hesse forests fit for hot summers, new LOEWE clusters from 2022 onwards and the ProLOEWE Science Rally – these and more topics in the latest issue of ProLOEWE NEWS

The cover story for the July 2021 issue of ProLOEWE NEWS is "How can Hesse forests be made fit for coming hot summers"? Research scientists led by Professor Dr Markus Pfenninger from the LOEWE Centre for Translational Biodiversity Genomics (TBG) are seeking to get to the bottom of this question. And in keeping with the topic of heat, the summer holidays in Hesse are just around the corner. Planning leisure time activities and holidays is a particular challenge for many families due to Covid-19. So is boredom inevitable? Not with the ProLOEWE Science Rally, which starts at proloewe.de on 2 August and poses a new science riddle for children aged 10 and over and their families every day in 21 stages. There is no need to register, just visit proloewe.de from 2 August onwards and join in! And: starting in January 2022, there will be three new LOEWE clusters, including a theme-based project on "Sustainability" and twelve other research projects in the new "LOEWE Exploration" funding line. In ProLOEWE faces, Professor Dr Miklós Bálint, Head of the Functional Environmental Genomics programme area at the TBG LOEWE Centre, introduces himself and many other LOEWE topics.

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