LOEWE-FLAME is launching its international series of seminars entitled “FLAME-inars” on 14 January 2021; they will then be held every two weeks

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The LOEWE joint project known as FLAME (Fermi Level Engineering for Antiferroelectric Materials for Energy Storage Units and Insulators) at the Technical University of Darmstadt is launching an international series of seminars entitled FLAME-inars. They will bring together experts from the fields of processing, characterisation and theory to discuss materials and their usage as well as thin layers, basic properties, electronic structures, defects and related aspects. The online event will be held every two weeks, starting on 14 January 2021, on Thursdays from 4 p.m. until 5:30 p.m. on each occasion.

Prof. Dr Andreas Klein (Technical University of Darmstadt, Electronic Structure of Materials) is launching the new series with the first lecture entitledAntiferroelectric Materials and the FLAME Project”. Prof. Andreas Klein will use his first lecture to provide an introduction to the world of antiferroelectric materials, their properties and possible applications as the introduction to the FLAME-inar series. He will also explain the concept behind it and the first results from the FLAME Project. Antiferroelectrics are a fascinating class of materials, which have a characteristic double hysteresis loop, similar to antiferromagnetic materials. Together with the high level of electrical conductibility (permittivity) of antiferroelectric materials and the low inductance of ceramic multi-layer capacitors, the double hysteresis loop provides greater energy storage capacity than traditional dielectrics with a high permittivity level combined with a high operating frequency and this enables a more efficient conversion and transfer of electrical energy from renewable sources and in electromobility. In contrast to ferroelectrics, however, only a few antiferroelectric materials are well-known; using them, however, would be very desirable for environmental and health reasons.

You can find detailed information about the speakers, the topics and how to register on the FLAME home page at: http://www.flame.tu-darmstadt.de/flame_inars

FLAME-inar: “Antiferroelectric materials and the FLAME Project” – a lecture by Prof. Dr Andreas Klein (Technical University of Darmstadt, Electronic Structure of Materials and Spokesperson for the FLAME LOEWE cluster)

When? Every two weeks from 14 January 2021 onwards, 4 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. on each occasion

Where? Digital seminar via ZOOM

Organised by: FLAME LOEWE cluster

Contact? Jessica Bagnoli: flaminars@flame.tu-darmstadt.de