LOEWE Cluster WhiteBox presents its research results from the last two years of LOEWE funding at the "Symposium on Explainability"

As part of their first milestone after two years of LOEWE funding, the scientists of the LOEWE focus WhiteBox organized the "Sympsoium on Explainability" on March 27, 2023. The focus was on the facets of explainability. During the day, renowned European speakers gave talks on topics ranging from philosophical foundations to understanding deep neural networks or human behaviors and movements. Poster presentations and discussions on the previous research results of the LOEWE focus complemented the day's scientific program.


  • Constantin Rothkopf, Technical University of Darmstadt: Still no free lunch from deep learning: explaining human decision-making under risk
  • Carlos Zednik, Eindhoven University of Technology: Disentangling explanation, interpretation, and justification in explainable artificial intelligence
  • Stefan Roth, Technical University of Darmstadt: Explainable deep networks for computer vision. 
  • Wojciech Samek, TU Berlin / Fraunhofer HHI: Concept-Level Explainable AI
  • Hermann Müller, JLU Giessen: Explaining observed motor behavior in goal oriented movements as stochastic optimization