LOEWE BAMP! at the Venice Biennale of Architecture – this and more in the first issue of ProLOEWE NEWS 2021

We use the March issue of ProLOEWE NEWS to introduce you to the four new LOEWE clusters that have been funded by the state of Hesse since the beginning of the year; this will continue for a period of four years. The BAMP! LOEWE cluster has received a very special award: an invitation to attend the 2020/2021 Venice Biennale of Architecture. The scientists will be allowed to present their research results as part of the "Building with Paper" exhibition there. Other topics in this issue include the latest research work of the two LOEWE clusters known as CePTER and Nature 4.0. Read how artificial intelligence is being used in epilepsy research and how forest animals and insects can be tracked with the help of sophisticated monitoring systems. There is also a portrait of Dr Maria Barbarossa, Fellow and Research Group Leader at LOEWE CMMS. Among other things, she reports on how Covid-19 is influencing her work as a scientist.

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