LOEWE Research

LOEWE 2016-2018 Support that brings returns: An impetus for further funding

Looking back at the LOEWE projects from funding rounds 1– 9, the following good results can be noted: For each euro granted by the LOEWE programme through the end of 2017, third-party funding in the amount of €1.43 has been brought to Hessen through 2022. In other words, an additional sum of €881.5 million has been obtained from third-party sources by LOEWE initiatives following the approximately €615 million approved by the state of Hessen for LOEWE project funding. In addition to this, there is additional funding that has been directed to the research infrastructure. Thus, in May 2018, as already mentioned above, the topping out ceremony for the new building of the planned Fraunhofer Institute for Bioresources in Giessen was celebrated in connection with the LOEWE research centre ZIB. The €30 million construction project is being financed in equal shares by the state of Hessen and the German federal government. The aim of these activities is the establishment of an independent Fraunhofer Institute for bioresources in Giessen. The state government of Hessen is also supporting the construction of a new Fraunhofer research building in the period 2018 to 2023 which should be realised in conjunction with the federal government on the Niederrad Campus in Frankfurt. The Fraunhofer construction project is an important step for the LOEWE research centre TMP as it progresses to become an independent Fraunhofer Institute TMP based in Frankfurt. These two Fraunhofer locations will not only benefit university and non-university research institutions in Hessen but also Hessen-based businesses.