LOEWE Research

LOEWE 2016-2018 10 years of LOEWE research funding – A success story with a future

In 2018 on the occasion of LOEWE’s tenth anniversary, the German federal state of Hessen can proudly point to a total of 68 LOEWE research projects that have been selected for support in an open competitive process since the commencement of the programme. These include 14 LOEWE research Centres and 54 LOEWE research Clusters. In 2018, six LOEWE research Centres and 19 LOEWE research Clusters are being actively funded. For the participating scholars and scientists, this support makes it possible to work together with colleagues on cutting-edge research topics over a span of years and to develop new research approaches into prominent research Clusters. Interdisciplinary cooperation extending over various fields and faculties as well as between universities, universities of applied sciences and non-university research institutions is also a special feature of the work that LOEWE facilitates and promotes, opening up a broader horizon beyond one‘s own research perspective. Both of these advantages mean not only greater possibilities for shaping research activities but also more potential for establishing a research profile.In addition to the main concerns of the LOEWE programme – the development of research institutions in Hessen through targeted funding, the generation of new scientific knowledge and the transfer of research results into practical applications – there have been other positive results from the activities of LOEWE initiatives during the past three years. In the following, we would like to present some examples of these results.

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